Get out of debt

get out of debt

The weight of debt is oppressive. Too many families are stuck in place because they can’t dig out and no matter what they try, they keep sliding back into the trap.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

The topic of debt is covered every day, but from our perspective, there’s one critical element missing.

What if you could create an asset that produces tax-free income at the same time as paying off that debt?

Banks are amazing at putting you in just enough debt that you can’t get ahead but they will make sure that you won’t go bankrupt.   Many Americans can get out of debt a lot faster than they ever thought possible, but it takes a plan and discipline.

Dave Ramsey has a plan, but we feel like we can do it without you having to eat beans and rice and rice and beans. We run into a lot of burned out Ramseyites that stop paying off debt when they get to the mortgage because it’s the largest debt they have and because what’s on the other side isn’t all that appealing.

What do we mean by that?

Overfunding your retirement accounts into oblivion and basically obligating yourself to retiring in your 60’s when the government gotchas go away isn’t all that exciting anymore.

What if you could pay off your debt with a more exciting path forward? What if you had a co-pilot that listens, understands different assets, investments and passions?

We see lots of people winning in different ways. Paying off debt is required to build wealth. If you want a more thoughtful vision of why to get started that is customized to you or just need a final push we are here for you.

Give us a call and let’s put a plan together where you can start getting traction in your financial life,and you can start getting the banks out of your wallet.