Eliminate your mortgage payment

The price we pay for living in our dream home (or the stepping stone to our dream home) is a heavy one. In today’s interest environment which is about as favorable as you can get, if you have a 30-year mortgage on a $240,000 home, your total costs will exceed $650,000.

And that’s just the direct cost. The more significant cost is the lost opportunity cost. What could you have done with that money if you had it to invest in different ways?

Even if you must have a mortgage, as many of us do, there are options out there that most mortgage lenders don’t offer because they’re looking at one sliver of your financial plan, as opposed to taking a more holistic view.

For the average American, their mortgage is typically the largest debt and their house is one of their largest assets. Having a plan on both retiring the debt and being smart about the payment structure is critical to financial planning

We are licensed mortgage lenders to help our clients achieve the best possible mortgage structure and solution as part of an integrated plan.

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