Be your own bank

Banking is the most misunderstood and important industry in the world.  If you do not understand banking then you will not understand your true economic potential.  By re-thinking how and where you source your money, you can unlock the true power of your cash flow and ability to create wealth.

We help many of our clients, in essence, become their own bank.  This isn’t a new concept. You might have heard about it being called the infinite banking concept, cash flow banking, or the private reserve strategy.

What makes this strategy work and different from what most financial planners offer is that it is not hoping that you can chase a high rate of return and have enough cash to invest that you create wealth. This isn’t about spending your money to make money.

Our system is about leveraging assets that you own. It’s about reusing and recycling your money and every time you do that, you make more. Rather than letting someone else (mortgage company, credit card holder, Wall Street, etc.) make money using your compound interest — you make money using the same principle of compound interest.

Our clients use this strategy to crush credit card debt, to be free of a mortgage and to invest in real estate and other vehicles that let them exponentially grow their wealth.

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