At the end of the day, no matter how much you love your work, you work for something bigger. We work to create a life we define as worth living — both today and in the future.  We also work to contribute to the lives of those we love. And for many of us, we work to leave our mark. We want to make the world a different, better place for our being here.

Our money plays a role in all of that. In its simplest definition, financial planning is to create a way to have assets or investments that produce monthly income that exceeds your monthly expenses.  More money means more choices. And more choices equal freedom.

When looking at it that simplistically without age or government incentives or rules, savings and investing to us become simpler. We believe everyone has a special gift and a reason for why they are here. Money is simply a tool that we all must use and master in order for us to achieve time freedom or retirement.

Said a different way, we all aspire to do what we love, so that it doesn’t feel like work.  Our goal is to know where you want to be and help you carve out a plan to get there.

The Uncommon Wealth Strategy takes people where they are at currently and works through our four phase process:

  1. Baseline and Blueprint
  2. Profit Stage
  3. Build Phase,
  4. Launch Phase

How are we different from all the other financial planners out there?

We help clients integrate non-Wall Street assets into a cohesive cash-flow plan to build net worth, reduce debt and increase your overall net worth.  As part of The Uncommon Wealth Strategy, building wealth can move at a new speed.

Banking is the most misunderstood and important industry in the world.  If you do not understand banking then you will not understand your true economic potential.  With our strategy you will learn how to build a cash flow and banking plan for you and your family or business or both.  You will unlock the true power of your cash flow and ability to create wealth.  Our documented process is refreshing, customized to you and your goals while helping you see your money and wealth in a new light.

If you want to hear more about it, let’s schedule a time to talk.