From day one of starting Uncommon Wealth Partners, we have always been asked to help people work through how not only how to save for their children’s college education, but to help them think of uncommon ways to fund their kid’s education.

Let’s face it with sky rocketing tuition and parents all over the country sacrificing their own goals to make sure their student doesn’t graduate with a truck load of debt, something has to change.

We couldn’t be more excited with introducing The Scholarship System to our clients.  This is exactly what we’ve been looking for, to help our clients think differently about paying for their children’s college.

Jocelyn Paonita Pearson started The Scholarship System to share her own experience of graduating college with zero student loans. Not only was she able to get her entire college experience paid for including six months living abroad (in Spain), but she received a cash check each semester for any additional expenses.  NOW THAT IS UNCOMMON!

Now she is helping families all around the country learn how to pay for college with as little student loan debt as possible.

Jocelyn has already saved families over $2,320,000 – and she is just getting started.

Rather than being buried in debt, your child can get their college PAID FOR!

Here are some resources for you and your family:

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Webinar/workshop (6 Steps To Quickly Secure Scholarships For College …And Avoid Student Loan Debt)

Securing scholarships course

How to spot a scholarship scam