Two words regarding Social Security – Provisional Income

There are lots of advisors out there holding luncheons, steak dinners and seminars trying to scare seniors into giving them their numbers, so they can provide them with a “Social Security report” or “filing strategy.” This is a marketing ploy to get more clients. You are tantalized with the thought of missing out on hundreds […]

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What will you leave behind?

Talking about your legacy can be a daunting task, but having a plan about what is going to happen with all of your things can be the biggest gift to your family. I’m sure you know people who don’t talk to their siblings today because of something that happened when their parents passed away. It […]

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The 3 Numbers Driving Financial Planning and Why It’s Broken!

We meet with a lot of people and over the course of the last 5 years the three numbers that seemingly drive every conversation around retiring and the greener pasture so many Americans are striving for are…drum roll please? 59.5 65 66 Why 59.5?  Because that is when American’s can access their IRA or 401K […]

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