Ways to Accelerate Your Uncommon Path with Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst

Episode 82:

With the hope that it might inspire you to make the most of your own uncommon path, we thought today we’d discuss ways to start or accelerate that journey. We tasked each other with coming up with three suggestions that we would reveal for the first time to each other in this podcast. Interestingly enough, while we didn’t have any suggestions that were exactly the same, as a whole the list of six concepts create a very solid foundation on which to build your entrepreneurial goals.

The conversation is far reaching and touches on everything from Leonardo Dicaprio to water skiing. Throughout, we also share solid advice and examples for creating consistency in your business, making sure your life partner is on board with your business goals, what it means to match your timeline to your risk tolerance, how to properly invest in your company’s growth, and when to focus instead of diversify. We want you to share more of your uncommon brilliance with the world and hopefully some of these tips will help.

What You Will Learn in This Episode:

  • The power of consistency
  • Why spousal support is integral to long-term success
  • The importance of systemizing and documenting your process
  • What it means to match your timeline to your risk tolerance
  • The need to double down and invest in the main thing you do
  • How diversification can destabilize you
  • Why you should start every goal with the end in mind
“I think that an entrepreneur’s best asset and also worst asset is just the ability to dream, think, and understand how to make something happen.” - Philip Ramsey Click To Tweet “It’s hard to keep being right speculating. It’s really easy to keep being right when you’re doing the main thing that you’re the best at.” - Bryan Dewhurst Click To Tweet “What has your past experience helped you achieve and what is the end goal? Don’t start something unless you know the end goal.” - Philip Ramsey Click To Tweet “If you’re going to bring on complimentary services, make sure it’s really the sphere of your competency and ability to execute at the level that your clients are used to.” - Bryan Dewhurt Click To Tweet “Focus on things that give you the biggest bang for your buck.” - Philip Ramsey Click To Tweet “Ask for help and get around people that are in a position to help you.” - Bryan Dewhurst Click To Tweet