The Hard Work of “Immediate Success” with Carisah Lee

Episode 69:

What do you call a business that got up and running in four days and is still killing it after a year in business? Most people would call that an instant success! But it’s not as instant as it seems.

In our latest podcast, we talk with an entrepreneur who has grown up finding creative ways to earn a living and shows no signs of stopping.

We’re talking with Carisah Lee, who is originally from California and found her way from the west coast to Iowa. She is rocking a new business called Rosie and Jean with her best friend, Sam and while Rosie and Jean is doing great, it grew out of some serious business savvy and experience with social media marketing.

If you are looking for instant success, this isn’t that. But if you are looking for a great story of someone who built on their knowledge base to take a hobby and turn it into a business, you will not be disappointed.

What You Will Learn in this Episode:

  • How just starting is sometimes the best way to start a business
  • How to use an existing audience to grow a new business
  • How to market a story that sells the product or service
  • How to create a competitive shopping environment on Instagram
  • How to find something you love that will help make money for your family
  • Some very unique tips on how to drive business through social media
  • Finding your entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging others in that pursuit
“I had an Instagram account with 900 followers, so we just did a quick transition of that into our new business. We were up and running in four days.” – Carisah Lee Click To Tweet “When we launched and sold out of earrings within 2 hours, we thought we should probably think of this as more than a hobby.” – Carisah Lee Click To Tweet “We connect our new product drop with a story from our friendship, and our customers connect to that, big-time.” – Carisah Lee Click To Tweet “What's super fun about the people that follow us is they are very invested in our friendship and we are very invested in them. We invite them into our friendship and include them. That’s how we started with 900 followers and now we're at almost… Click To Tweet “Here’s how we sell: we post our inventory and prices on Insta and how many we have available. People comment ‘sold’ and we hit ‘like’ to let them know they got it. It gets competitive.” – Carisah Lee Click To Tweet “Whether you have a business where you're selling something on social media or any kind of business, the magic sauce is to post on social media, be present, be consistent, and make personal connections.” – Carisah Lee Click To Tweet “We did a drop right when everything shut down from COVID. We weren’t sure what would happen, but we wound up selling out immediately.” – Carisah Lee Click To Tweet “I've talked with a lot of women to help them find ways to make money that wouldn't feel like work to them. It's something that brings them joy. That has been amazing.” – Carisah Lee Click To Tweet