The Uncommon Life Project

Don’t wait until you retire to begin to live out the life of your dreams. Make choices today that allow you to live in an uncommon way. Let the Uncommon Life Project podcast and its hosts Bryan Dewhurst and Phillip Ramsey guide you to asking different questions, considering different paths and building a life that fits your unique definition of what your uncommon life might be.


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Episode 75: Heart on Your Sleeve with Lauren Thomas

Women entrepreneurs are faced with particular challenges. You are often raising families, and can sometimes feel a certain stigma for wanting something beyond that. But if you’ve got God-given talents and interests, why not use them? Our guest for this episode, Lauren Thomas, was just looking for something fulfilling to do as her kids grew […]

Episode 73: The Business of Giving Back with Jody Steinhauer

We talk a lot about loving what you do—finding your passion and building a life around it. Our guest on this episode embodies that philosophy in so many ways. Jody Steinhauer is a business owner who has built charitable giving right into her business model, and is helping other companies do the same. This is […]

Episode 72: Finding Your Yellow Tux- the Uncommon Path of Jesse Cole

Logistics are important, but logistics can kill dreams. Focus on the dream and figure out the logistics as you go. One thing we have learned over the years, there is no one road map to leading an Uncommon Life. But if you stay on the sidelines, dreams will never come true. In this episode, we’re […]

Episode 69: The Hard Work of “Immediate Success” with Carisah Lee

What do you call a business that got up and running in four days and is still killing it after a year in business? Most people would call that an instant success! But it’s not as instant as it seems. In our latest podcast, we talk with an entrepreneur who has grown up finding creative […]

Episode 67: Building a Scholarship System with Jocelyn Pearson

Getting through college without crushing debt may seem like an insurmountable task. But it does not have to be. What if you encouraged your child to spend their time applying for scholarships instead of mowing lawns, working at a fast-food joint, or babysitting? The payoff could be 10 fold or even more. But how would […]

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