The Uncommon Life Project

Don’t wait until you retire to begin to live out the life of your dreams. Make choices today that allow you to live in an uncommon way. Let the Uncommon Life Project podcast and its hosts Bryan Dewhurst and Phillip Ramsey guide you to asking different questions, considering different paths and building a life that fits your unique definition of what your uncommon life might be.


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Episode 89: Growing your business to the next level with Brett Gilliland

Which quadrant are you in: employee, self employed, business owner, or full investor? You may be thriving – way to go! You may be feeling stuck, or not know the next steps to grow your business. Either way, this podcast is for you. Brett Gilliland, founder of Elite Entrepreneurs, walks us through how he equips […]

Episode 88: Interview Experience

Have you fallen flat on one too many job interviews? Want to prepare yourself to land the job of your dreams? Have a teenager at home you hope to equip with the skills they need to enter the workforce? Join us as we talk with Matthew Sorenson, the creator of Candidate Club, a company that […]

Episode 86: Praxis: A college alternative with Mitchell Earl

Want to enter the workforce with momentum rather than debt? Want to do “big things” but need clarity on your interests? These questions may strike a chord with you, your child, or a young person you influence. This episode is all about rethinking the cultural norm of college being the next step after high school. […]

Episode 85: Ghost Writing with Craig Landes

Have you ever wondered what a ghost writing career might look like? Join us as we meet with Craig Landes to learn about his journey to his uncommon path. He owns his own writing business, Words Beyond Content, and has brought many of Uncommon Wealth’s ideas to life through eBooks, articles, and their recent book. […]

Episode 84: the Uncommon Wealth Book

Come along with Phillip and Bryan to hear more about the Uncommon Wealth Book.  They wrote it with YOU in mind, to provide the philosophy, mindset, and tools to get you started on your uncommon path. What you’ll learn: the process of how the book got started, where to find tools to go along with […]

Episode 83: Importance of Disability Insurance with Rick Cordaro

Importance of Disability Insurance You may already have car insurance, home insurance, life insurance, etc. Why give another thought to adding disability insurance? Our guest Rick Cordaro takes us through how disability insurance can help you capitalize on and protect your future earnings. Rick has been in the IDI Market for 40 years and is […]

Episode 81: Real estate investing with Chris Prefontaine

Real estate investments are the cornerstone of many wealth strategies and make up 3 of the 7 sources of residual income we teach. They are solid and dependable investments that can weather almost any fluctuation or challenge in the marketplace when done correctly. That said, making the most out of your real estate investments is […]

Episode 80: Retirement Planning at Any Stage in Life with Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst

Whether you’re pre-retirement, on the cusp of retirement, or already retired, financial flexibility should be a focal point in the planning process. There are plenty of familiar concepts such as social security and budgeting, but approaching them strategically will enable you to enjoy retirement with significantly more freedom. In this duocast episode of The Uncommon […]

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