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Don’t wait until you retire to begin to live out the life of your dreams. Make choices today that allow you to live in an uncommon way. Let the Uncommon Life Project podcast and its hosts Bryan Dewhurst and Phillip Ramsey guide you to asking different questions, considering different paths and building a life that fits your unique definition of what your uncommon life might be.


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Episode 60: Understanding Bitcoin with Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst

Are you curious about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general? Want to understand more about it? Well, Bryan is the man you want to talk to! This episode is a duocast, but mainly it is Phillip interviewing Bryan about the promise and potential pitfalls of cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin. Some background is necessary to understand this episode […]

Episode 59: The World of Premium Financing with Michael Rothman

For us, financial planning has three essential components: flexibility, the ability to customize for your specific needs, and the ability for you to control how your money grows. In our most recent episode, we unpack one of our favorite financial tools—whole life insurance—in a way that carries through on those values of flexibility, custom-fit, and […]

Episode 57: The Myth of Passive Income with Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst

Passive income sounds so nice. You make a pile of money while sitting on a beach somewhere. But does it really work like that? Not really. In fact, we don’t like the term ‘passive income’ and much prefer terms like ‘passionate income’ or even ‘active income.’ But why? This episode is all about the goal […]

Episode 56: Being a 9 to 5 Nomad with Samantha Burmeister

Some people dream of a life that is a constant vacation on a beach. That is their travel dream. Others want to wander the globe trying to make connections and build understanding between themselves and the people they meet along the way. Our guest on the podcast in our most recent episode is all about […]

Episode 55: Being Smart About Following Your Passion with Keesia Wirt

We are all about following that Jumanji drumbeat—that passion you have that just won’t stay quiet—but that doesn’t mean throwing everything away to do it. So how do you turn your dreams into a source of income without upending your life and your current livelihood? Great question! That’s why, in our most recent episode, we […]

Episode 52: Tax-Managed Investing with Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst

If you’ve followed us for any length of time, you know how we feel about IRAs and 401(k)s. They are great, but hardly the only game in town, especially if you don’t want all your money tied up until you are 59.5. That’s where tax-managed investing might come in handy. Investments are a great source […]

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