The Uncommon Life Project

Don’t wait until you retire to begin to live out the life of your dreams. Make choices today that allow you to live in an uncommon way. Let the Uncommon Life Project podcast and its hosts Bryan Dewhurst and Phillip Ramsey guide you to asking different questions, considering different paths and building a life that fits your unique definition of what your uncommon life might be.


If you think you’d be a good guest – shoot me an email.


Episode 32: Live Your Best Uncommon Life Now with Molly Rose Speed

We love it when we can teach clients a core principle and they take it and run with it. We love it, even more, when they teach us about being entrepreneurial and escaping the cubicle of doom. Few are doing that with more energy and outright charisma than our guest. On episode #32, we talk […]

Episode 31: Two Types of Money

A big part of what makes us uncommon as wealth advisors is our focus on putting your money to work for you before age 65, not after. You’ve got big dreams for the here and now. And here’s the thing: YOU are your greatest asset. We think that investing right now in you and your […]

Episode 30: Mentorship and Rentorship with Kevin Bourke

Owning one rental unit can help your cash flow. Two is better. The more you rent, the more money you have flowing through your economic engine. But there are challenges too. Buying an 8-plex rather than 6 to 8 separate units creates economies of scale that are hard to ignore. That’s what happened with guest […]

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