The Uncommon Life Project

Don’t wait until you retire to begin to live out the life of your dreams. Make choices today that allow you to live in an uncommon way. Let the Uncommon Life Project podcast and its hosts Bryan Dewhurst and Phillip Ramsey guide you to asking different questions, considering different paths and building a life that fits your unique definition of what your uncommon life might be.


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Episode 44: The Uncommon Path to Ninja U with Scott Behrends

Starting any new business involves a leap of faith. But the reward is that you get to use your gifts to do something you’re passionate about. When you are aligned with what God has gifted you to do and what you are passionate about, even though it’s not an easy path, the burden is light. […]

Episode 42: Why We Need Mentors and Coaches with Phillip Ramsey and Bryan Dewhurst

When you’re young, you don’t think twice about having a coach for soccer, baseball, field hockey – whatever sport you’re into. You need someone to coach you through the basics and show you the ropes. That all changes when you start adulting. You think you know everything. You don’t seek out those coaches and mentors […]

Episode 41: Focusing Your Entrepreneurial Spirit with Evie Peterson

One challenge nearly every entrepreneur we meet faces is the “shiny object” syndrome. Starting new things is fun and when we get one project off the ground, most people start thinking about the next. When we hear that someone wants to start a new venture, we are excited for them. But we temper that excitement […]

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