Webinar: Leverage your business cash

Are you using every dollar inside your business to its full advantage?  Most business owners are sitting on a lot of cash inside their business and while it feels good to have a nest egg in your savings account, you’re missing out.  You could be leveraging some of those dollars to build wealth inside and along side your business.

That’s what this webinar will help you understand.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to build out assets that compliment and reinforce your business.
  • About multiple options and how they rank in complexity, capital and risk tolerance.
  • What others are doing to diversify their revenue streams in Strategically Aligned Industries.
  • How Uncommon Wealth Partners can help you setup liquid, accessible and invested cash that stays within your corporation, but has the potential to earn higher rates of return than 0%.
  • More about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency and why there is a race for corporations to diversify into them on their balance sheet.
  • Strategies that you can setup within your business to shelter more money away in your name and reduce your annual tax liability.
  • Strategies that the High Net Worth use to leverage money from the banks in this low interest rate environment to generate tax-free retirement income.

The webinar is Friday, May 14th at noon central.