About Us

We all share the same currency and are incredibly aware of just how finite it is. Without a doubt, time is our most finite resource.

We trade it for everything we have — money, relationships, memories and ultimately, our legacy. At Uncommon Wealth Partners, we want to make sure that you squeeze as much value out of each minute you have, so at the end of your life, the regrets are few and the joys are bountiful.

For most people, the most direct trade we make with our time is the “time for money” trade. Whether you are self-employed or work for someone else, you invest your time and talents and in return, you get a sum of money.  How you maximize that money is what allows you to create true wealth.

We know that wealth is about so much more than just money. It is also about your core values and beliefs, your experiences good and bad, and your contribution back to your community. We love being a part of that journey with our clients.

But we also know that without enough money, it’s tough to create the greater sense of wealth for you and your family.

We believe we are a different kind of financial partner.  We’ve created our own Registered Investment Advisory firm rather than partnering with Broker/Dealers as most do. What this means is that we own and control our own securities firm recognized by the State of Iowa. This allows us to practice more closely what we believe, while controlling more of our destiny and yours.  (Want to know who we are? Meet the partners, Phillip and Bryan)

This allows us to be in the driver’s seat so that we can serve our valued clients and provide customized solutions the way we believe it should be done. This structure, along with the partnership of our third party money manager for your investment accounts, allows us to spend more time across the table from you to help navigate life’s decisions.

We’re blessed with the trust and loyalty of our current clients.  If you just want someone to help you pick out some stocks, we may not be the right fit. Just as you’re looking for the right financial partners, so are we.

Our best clients want to step outside of the traditional Wall Street investment model with some of their dollars to do something a little different that gives them the ability to build their wealth faster. We’re not talking about something crazy or risky. We’re talking about understanding the power of multi-purposing your money in a custom plan that is designed for what you have and what you want — no matter the particulars.

We feel that not only are we uncommon, but so are the clients we serve. They aspire to create more so they can do more.  Might that describe you?